Spring / Summer 2012

Dennis Mahon is my name and I am a family friend of the Jacobs.

During the next few months I am going to be spending a great deal of time walking around Hope Mills talking to anyone who will listen about Kent's case. The fact that ten years have gone by since Kent vanished does not deter me in the least.

I really do believe that Kent can be found. I say this for two reasons: First, Law Enforcement already has a pretty good idea where they need to be looking. This is not a case where there are no leads. Second, an FBI Agent once told me something very important: 'Dennis", he said. "people always talk. They always talk."

Hope Mills is a small community, so it is not like we are looking for Kent in New York City.

If you live, work, shop or play in Hope Millls, my goal is to meet you before the summer is up and share with you some simple facts about the case. Mainly, I want to ask you to forget everything you may have heard as there are so many rumors. What you have heard is most likely just re-circulated rumors and you already know how that goes.

Watch the 5 minute video on the home page which will detail Kent's last steps and please forget everything else. Kent's case is in serious need of  'spring cleaning'. Wash away the rumnors and understand the facts.

I also want 100% of Hope MIlls residents to be part of the solution. I know some people may tell me to 'get lost' but I can handle that. I want everyone to donate between 1 -99 cents towards a reward fund. Not dollars, just pennies on a single dollar.

The amount of money is not important to me. What matters is that you have 'skin in the game' so to speak. When you contribute - say - 45 cents then that makes you part of the solution. Don't worry, I will be speaking to enough people to make the reward snowball. What I do care about is that you take a vested interest in Kent's case. I will create an online database and will list all names of people who join the effort to find Kent.

This case is like a sleeping beehive. I want to poke the hive and make it buzz with an urgency for Kent. I believe someone will eventually talk. I 100% believe that or I would not put forth this effort.

About Me (Dennis Mahon)

I get that question alot so I may as well explain it:

Back in 1997, a young woman named Kristen Modafferi, from my hometown in Charlotte, was visiting San Francisco and she sadly vanished. I offered to go help look for Kristen and moved from NC out to the Bay Area. Kristen has never been found and  to this day it has been a deep source of sadness for many, many people. It was during my efforts to look for Kristen that I got the honor to meet other families suffering similar tragedies. There is Kristin Smart, who vanished in San Luis Obispo, Ca and, of course, Kent Jacobs here in Hope MIlls.

I just got it into my DNA that is is unacceptable that a fellow human being is missing and the world just tends to 'move on'. Basically - it is not more complicated than that.


I am a 'paycheck-to-paycheck' person. I wish I weren't, but it is true.  I will need to earn a living while I take on the effort. I will do that in two primary ways: First, I am a Vendor for the Fayetteville Observer.  If you would agree to take Home Delivery of the Sunday Paper - that alone will pay most of my bills.($5.00/mo).  Secondly - if you have anything you want to sell, please let me know. I will do all the work and list it on eBay for you. So, if you have stuff in the house you want to convert into cash, just call me and I will do all the work.  I will keep $10.00 - you keep the rest.

There will be more things to add as time unfolds, but right now - we need to hit the 'Urgency' button to find Kent and return him to his family.


Dennis Mahon