Rumors vs. Facts
It doesn't really benefit Kent in any way to have so many rumors swirling around. As a favor to the Jacobs family and to law enforcement, we ask that you please delete everything you have heard about Kent's disappearance from your mental hard drive and replace them with what we believe the facts to be:

1. Kent was 42 years old at the time. He was mentally disabled, yet he worked, he earned his own money.

2. Some local drug addicts in Hope Mills found out Kent had money on him (about $200.00) and starting making phone calls to get drugs with money stolen from Kent.

3. Around Noontime, Kent was visiting Roger Locklear at the corner of Betsy Ross and Franklin St in Hope MIlls. Roger fell asleep on his couch and when he woke up, Kent was gone.

4. Around 2:00pm, Kent was visiting Charlotte Royal and Donnie Godwin at 5552 Jackson Street.

5. Around 5:00pm - Kent was seen at Brooklyn Circle and Hulon Street. That is our last known sighting of him.

These are the facts. Everything else is just rumor.

Please watch the 5 minute video - it will give you a very complete sense of Kent's last steps before vanishing.
Sunday, March 10th, 2002