I Think I Know What Happened

Disclaimer: I don't 'know' what happened to Kent on that miserable Sunday over ten years ago. If I did know, this website and our effort to locate him would not be necessary. With that said, I am somebody who has spent years looking for Kent and who has personally talked to hundreds of people in and around Cumberland County about what they know or have heard regarding his disappearance.    Dennis Mahon, Fayetteville, NC  May 2012

Crucial to this case is understanding Kent was mentally disabled. He had the body of a grown man but lived live through the eyes of a small child. His mom once told me that Kent knew what a $20.00 bill was but a $50.00 confused him.

His brother once said that Kent would not be able to sense he was being taken advantage of. His disability prevented that.

I think Donnie Godwin and Charlotte Royal McMillan outsmarted a mentally disabled man from his paycheck money. They then called drug dealer Belinda Hall and bought some crack cocaine. Then, somehow, in that haze of irresponsibility, Kent lost his life. 

I think these scoundrels then panicked and hid Kent's body somewhere.

I do not believe Kent was kidnapped or murdered. I believe Kent was accidentally killed, drug addicts panicked, and instead of calling 911, they decided to hide his body and keep their mouths shut.
Dennis Mahon  
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March 10, 2002
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Kent was last with Charlotte Royal-McMillan, Donnie Godwin and Belinda Hall at 5552 Jackson Street, Hope Mills, NC
Kent was Mentally Disabled
The mere fact that he was disabled meant that his world was smaller than ours in some respects. He did not go to college, get a drivers license, travel Europe or any of those things. What Kent did was work at a simple job and in his off time he would try and get up with his lifelong friends, Earl Andrews, Roger Locklear and the Godwin boys, Kim and Donnie. Kent was a simple man with a simple routine.

Of course Kent did not drive, so he thought nothing of walking the 2-3 miles to and from his friends homes, year after year, for decades. That 'routine' was a big part of Kent's life.

5552 Jackson Street, Hope Mills, NC 28348

We know from Belinda Hall that Kent was visiting Donnie Godwin and Charlotte Royal in the early afternoon. Belinda has told me, the Jacobs family, law enforcement and anyone else who would listen, that Charlotte called her saying that Kent had money on him and she wanted to buy crack cocaine. Belinda drove up to the trailer and saw Kent standing in the doorway.

Charlotte no longer lives at the trailer. She was evicted by her landlord for getting behind on her rent. She has since remarried and is living in Wade on Goldsboro Road. Today - she may be the reincarnation of Mother Teresa for all I know. That does not matter. Who she was on March 10th, 2002 is all that matters to people who love Kent.

I believe Charlotte was the traffic cop in this nightmare. Once she learned that Kent had his paycheck money on him, it was 'game on' and she called Belinda for drugs.

Previous to that, she was in the Fayetteville Observer, arrested for being part of a crime wave with over 100 counts against her gang for breaking and entering into peoples homes and stealing their property.

Donnie Godwin

A little bit of Shakespeare here. Kent and the Godwins were lifelong friends. From small children to March 10th, 2002. As the years went by, Kent's disability held him back. Nonetheless, the Godwins, still genuinely loved Kent...he was their buddy.

Unfortunately, the Godwin's chose the hardcore drug route as their path in life. Kim, in his early 50's, told me he has been doing heroin since he was 9 years old. We are talking since 1969 - as long as man has been on the moon. Donnie followed in his brother's footsteps. 

Donnie has an affinity for violence. 

He was arrested on May 10th, 1982 for armed robbery of the Massey Hill Pharmacy on Southern Blvd in Fayetteville. He wasn’t that good at it because he got caught. I guess he was going after all the pills at the pharmacy. He went to prison on December 10, 1982 and was released 5 years and seven months later on July 24th, 1988. (Source: NC Department of Correction Website / Offender Public Information.)

Kent's Two Closest Friends: Earl and Roger
We all have friends and then we have 'best friends'. Earl Andrews and Roger Locklear were Kent's best friends. Before Kent went over to Charlotte Royal and Donnie Godwin's trailer - he spent the earlier part of the day with Roger. Roger used to date Charlotte and he told me he ended up hating her. I don't know the reasons why, I just know that Roger told me he was thrilled to get away from her.

Roger told me that Donnie was a hard core heroin addict and that Charlotte was smoking crack. Roger will preface his beliefs by saying: "I do not know, but I highly suspect that Charlotte and Donnie mixed heroin with crack and overdosed him right inside that trailer."

Remember - Roger used to date Charlotte so they knew each other's habits very well.

For me - the most important element is a conversation I had with Earl Andrews. Earl is a very nice man. Kent was a huge part of his life. They were friends for decades. Few, if any, people on this planet knew Kent as well as Earl. Earl could tell what Kent was thinking before Kent ever opened his mouth. 

Earl told me emphatically that the entire notion of Kent walking along Porter Road and down by Brooklyn Circle was completely absurd. "That wasn't Kent. He was never down in that area," Earl told me. He continued, "Kent had a routine. He would come to my house, go over to Roger Locklear's house or visit with the Godwin's." "That is all he ever did."

(Brooklyn Circle is about two miles away and in the opposite direction from Kent's home in Parkton.)

Kent's two closest friend's on Earth both believe the same thing: "Something bad happened in that trailer."

There is a great deal of talk about Kent being last seen at the intersection of Brooklyn Circle and Hulon Street. It is very possible that this is true. That would mean that Kent did not die inside 5552 Jackson St. That does not mean that Donnie and Charlotte are blameless. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Kent was sighted along Porter Rd - but was it mistaken identity? Why would a mentally disabled man be walking a few miles 'out of his decades' long routine' in an area where his closest friends say he just never went to?

At the end of the day - I just think that placing my instincts with the people who knew Kent best and adding a heavy does of common sense to my thinking, that my 'best guess' is that Roger Locklear, Belinda Hall and Earl Andrews may have been right all along.

Belinda Hall
Belinda Hall
"Charlotte (Royal-McMillan) came out and I opened the car door. You know what I’m saying.  She got “two for $30.00”. “Kent was standing right in the door. The door was open.”

Dennis Mahon
“Did he wave ‘hi’ to you?”

Belinda Hall
“Yeah – he always did! You know what I’m saying”.
“And I said ‘Bye Kent’, and he said ‘Bye’ – like that.”
“And I’d seen Donnie (Godwin).
Donnie stuck his head like that (waving) you know what I’m saying – 
with a cup in his hand. So I guess he was going to Circle K”.

Dennis Mahon
“So do you think he overdosed right in here (the trailer)?

Belinda Hall
“Yeah I told you that.
Donnie Godwin
Below.30s audio clip Secretly Recorded where drug dealer Belinda Hall confirms Kent was inside drug addict Charlotte Royal and Donnie Godwin's trailer just before he vanished. Kent was mentally disabled man who had his paycheck money on him. Outsmarting Kent from his money was simple for Charlotte Royal and Donnie Godwin to do.
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